Seamlessly capture your voice notes.

Seamlessly capture, transcribe, and organize your thoughts with our app. Turn your spoken words into text, and untangle your thoughts into clear, concise notes.

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Person creating voice notes

Create Voice Notes

Effortlessly create voice notes anytime, anywhere. With just a single click, our app transforms your spoken words into recorded memos.

Person clearing his mind

Clear Your Mind

Untangle your thoughts with our voice notes. Just dump your thoughts into the app and our app will take your jumbled ideas and crafts them into organized, clear notes, freeing your mind for what matters.

Generate transcript

Generate Transcript

Turn your voice memos into written transcripts. This powerful feature offers you a text-based versions of your spoken content, ready to be utilized in whatever way suits your needs.

What our early access users say

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"I have always struggled with organizing my thoughts, but this app makes it so simple. It's intuitive, user-friendly, and incredibly simple. "

Amrit Singh
Marketing Manager
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" I've been using this app for a week now, and it's been a game-changer. I can make voice notes on the go and have them transcribed, ready for my meetings. It has been incredibly useful for me!. "

Ankit Malvi
Senior Product Manager
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"This app has significantly improved my note-taking process. The transcription feature is absolutely amazing - it seamlessly turns my spoken words into summarized text. I highly recommend this app!. "

Umesh Malhotra
Senior Software Developer